Mental Health Awareness Week

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Mental Health Awareness Week

Due to the current ongoing situations regarding COVID-19, fundraising has been a little difficult.

However, in February we managed to do our annual Pancake Day fundraiser raising £130 between 2 of our offices! We also managed to squeeze in a Guess the Number of Eggs for Easter, which ran through into lockdown but raised £70.

This week we ran a mini fundraiser asking people to take a photo of themselves, wearing blue and white (the colours of Mind) doing something that helps their mental health, in support of Mental Health Awareness Week. Many of our staff, friends and family of ACD participated in the fundraiser and therefore donations of over £100 has been raised for our chosen charities this week! This puts our total for 2020 so far at over £320.

If you wish to donate to 2 fantastic charities, please visit our fundraising page here

Thank you everyone, we will continue to come up with other fundraising ideas during lockdown!

22nd May 2020