Lily Gilbert


Lily Gilbert

Senior Ecologist and Team Leader


Head Office - Malmesbury
Rodbourne Rail Business Centre
Grange Lane
SN16 0ES

Mobile: 07867 412579

Tel: 01666 825646

Lily Gilbert has been an Ecologist since 2013 and is involved in a wide range of protected species work and currently oversees multiple projects and ecological surveys for ACD Environmental.

Lily is dedicated to protecting the natural environment and its species and her ability to analyse and interpret information whilst thinking innovatively allows her to create solutions for the client that are both economically and environmentally beneficial. She has Natural England Class licences for barn owl, bats (level 2), dormouse and great crested newt. Lily regularly contributes to bat conservation through voluntary work with Wiltshire Bat Group and manages two sites for the Bat Conservation Trust National Bat Monitoring Project.

Lily has a first class degree in Animal Biology and Conservation with a dissertation on the spatial distribution of tiger prey species in a National Park in India. Her particular interests include barn owl conservation, QGIS spatial mapping and bat mitigation projects. She is a highly conscientious, pragmatic and committed to developing the experience and reputation of the team she is in.