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Many of our clients ask us about the requirement for 10% Biodiversity Net Gain, where did this requirement come from, does this standard currently apply, and more importantly does it apply to their development sites? The requirement for 10% Biodiversity Net Gain has gained momentum under the new Environment Act, which ... Read More
2nd August 2021ACD Environmental



What a tree-t!

“Trees are essential to the future of the planet.” – David Attenborough   Do you really know the true value of trees? We want to help spread the word about how amazing trees are from The Arboricultural Association, and how you can find more information relating to these facts through our previous ... Read More
29th June 2021ACD Environmental


When was the last time you saw a live hedgehog? Are you plagued by slugs and snails on your herbaceous borders or your allotment? Our iconic, beloved, and charismatic mammal is native across the UK but is on the priority species list. Hedgehogs are listed as vulnerable on the Red ... Read More
1st June 2021ACD Environmental



Hedge trimming

It is easy to trim a hedge into a regular rectangle, but you are often faced with a problem where the bottom of the hedge starts looking a bit sparse whilst the top half is looking lush and green. This is because the bottom of the hedge is less likely ... Read More
27th May 2021ACD Environmental


ACD Environmental have been working with Howarth Homes, on behalf of Paradigm Housing, assisting with ecological and landscape architecture consultancy services for their project in Enfield. Recently, one of our ecologists had the pleasure of visiting the project nearing completion, which does not happen often but was greatly received! In this ... Read More
7th May 2021ACD Environmental


Did you know, that the presence of Japanese knotweed on a development site has the potential to lead to prosecution (imprisonment of 2 years) and / or compensation claims (up to £5000)? It can potentially cause damage to buildings, hard surfaces and the ecosystem of the surrounding area, swamping native and ... Read More
28th April 2021ACD Environmental


The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has published a new discussion paper on ‘Natural Capital and Environmental Net Gain’. Natural capital can be defined as the world’s stocks of natural assets which include geology, soil, air, water, and all living things. Therefore, this has the potential to impact society, economies, air ... Read More
22nd February 2021ACD Environmental



ACD Advent Calendar 2020

Here is a look back at all the facts we provided each day in December, through the run-up to Christmas in our ACD Advent Calendar. Welcome to the ACD Environmental advent calendar. Follow our page to receive a fact every day until Christmas! Let’s start off with a fact about ... Read More
24th December 2020ACD Environmental



Planting for wildlife

Everything you need to know about planting for wildlife  Green spaces are disappearing at an alarming rate due to urban expansion, therefore gardens and open spaces have become increasingly important, not only to us, but to the wildlife around us. Green spaces help to form green corridors, providing habitats and connectivity ... Read More
22nd October 2020ACD Environmental


Have you ever been grumpy, had a quarrel, or just felt a little stressed? How often have we told ourselves to go outside and get some fresh air?   For many, spending time outside is a regular part of everyday life, taking a break to work on an allotment, walking the dog ... Read More
9th October 2020ACD Environmental