International Women’s Day is here again, and this year’s theme is ‘Break the Bias’. How do you envisage a world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination? How can we all strive for diversity, equality, and inclusivity? Wouldn’t it be ideal if difference is valued and celebrated, it sounds like eutopia, doesn’t it?

If everyone, irrelevant of their gender, was kinder, more considerate, and appreciative of the world in which we live then surely this would help us all to live in harmony? This is especially poignant given what else is happening in the world at the moment. Rather than telling you statistics of all the amazing women that work at ACD, that at least 50% of our shareholders are women, that women sit on our board of directors, and that ACD employs more women than men! Why not take a moment to pause and reflect on the world in which we live?

Try to be kinder to each other, do not see gender, race, and politics but instead try to strive for a world in which everyone is treated equally, and our differences celebrated. At ACD this is what we try to do.

Happy International Women’s Day.