ACD is a multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy practice registered with The Landscape Institute and The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment. Established in 1985 we provide an environmental package of landscape architectural, archaeological, arboricultural and ecological consultancy for all forms of development.

About ACD

The Company offers a specialised service for all aspects of development. We still maintain an involvement in park design, historic landscape restoration and conservation issues.

In the last 12 months, ACD has worked for approximately 400 different clients on over 300 projects, through the provision of environmental consultancy services. Since the formation of the practice, the Company have successfully completed over 4,500 projects across Britain and a number of international projects. Since our inception, we have been responsible for projects as diverse as Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex, Shire Park Business Park in Hertfordshire and landscape consultancy to Alexandra Park & Palace in North London, and more recently the major developments at the Pan Urban Extension on the Isle of Wight, Tolworth Girls School in South London and Drayton Garden Village in West London.

John Constable is the Managing Director of ACD Environmental, with over 20 years of professional experience and oversees all ACD’s projects at the Malmesbury office, with Jon Seymour (Director and Principal Landscape Architect), Helen Selwyn (Design Director), Amy Kinahan (Graphics Director), Anne Dally (Production Director), and a team of landscape architects. Daniel Wood (Director of Ecology) leads the team of ecologists, who are also based in our Malmesbury and Surrey offices. Our Surrey office is led by Andrew Bigg (Head of Arboriculture) whilst Dorota Kaminska-Majkowska (Southern Director) leads the team based in Eastleigh. ACD still maintains close contact with Stephen Dale, our founder, who is now a senior consultant with over 30 years of experience.


We provide the following services:

  • Landscape and Environmental Assessment
  • Archaeological Surveys and Consultancy
  • Arboricultural Surveys and Consultancy
  • Ecological Surveys and Consultancy
  • Representation at Local Planning Appeals
  • Expert witness at Planning Inquiries
  • Landscape Master Planning
  • Detailed Landscape Design
  • Landscape Construction Details
  • Landscape Management and Maintenance Reports
  • Landscape Project Management
  • Landscape Maintenance Audit
  • Agricultural Land Classification and Farming Circumstances