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ACD is an environmental consultancy with over 30 years’ experience. In recent years we have developed and grown to provide a full range of services including arboriculture, landscape architecture, ecology and archaeology. We have worked with an eclectic range of clients on a variety of projects including residential housing, care homes, private garden design, industrial, business and retail park developments. We can provide solutions relating to assessment, planning, design and management of a range of environmental issues, and pride ourselves on providing a fast, responsive and commercially aware service to our clients.

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The link between climate change and landscape architecture

Over recent years, the earth’s average temperature has increased, resulting in sea levels rising and wildfires spreading globally. Both of which have had a major impact on our eco systems, animal habitats, and people’s livelihoods and communities. Although this may not have affected you personally, in years to come we could see freshwater shortages, increased flooding, storms and heatwaves, and issues growing produce. As a result, we need to focus on climate change now more than ever.

As landscape architects, we strive to produce beautifully designed landscapes, helping to improve wellbeing and the interaction between people and the outdoors. We are also aware of the increased importance to focus on climate change in all aspects of design. Below we highlight several ways in which we can help to reduce the increase in climate, through both design and maintenance within schemes.

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