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20 May 2024

World Bee Day

2024-05-20T10:17:18+01:0020 May 2024|

It is World Bee Day again and this year we thought that we would share our love of bees and other pollinators from the perspective of our resident beekeeper! Helen and her husband keep two apiaries (bee hives) in their garden and are best placed to explain [.....]

7 May 2024

Environmental Net Gain

2024-05-07T09:01:52+01:007 May 2024|

Double click video for full screen view. Whilst many of us are still getting our heads around Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG), Environmental Net Gain (ENG) is something to be aware of too. Environmental Net Gain is not new, there have been various Government reports over the [.....]

2 May 2024

A day in the life of an ecologist: Reptile surveying

2024-05-02T14:18:47+01:002 May 2024|

Double click video for full screen view. It is a legal requirement that all native reptile species in the United Kingdom are protected. At ACD Environmental, we take this responsibility seriously and conduct thorough land surveys to identify the presence of reptiles. This information is essential [.....]

29 April 2024

National Garden Month

2024-04-29T13:25:49+01:0029 April 2024|

The ACD Garden at the Malmesbury office April has been National Garden Month and here at ACD we’ve been reflecting on our own gardens and what makes these special to us. ‘A place to de-stress.’ ‘I enjoy seeing the new growth in spring, seeing everything coming to [.....]

22 April 2024

Earth Day 2024

2024-04-22T12:59:38+01:0022 April 2024|

Happy Earth Day! Earth Day is a global event to highlight the importance of protecting the environment. Created in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson, a US senator and environmentalist, and Denis Hayes, a graduate student at Harvard University. This followed an environmental disaster that resulted in a large oil [.....]

18 April 2024

National Heritage Day

2024-04-18T09:22:34+01:0018 April 2024|

An image captured by our Archaeology department of WW2 pillboxes, a non-standard design protecting a river crossing and for a small field gun. It was clearly designed to look like a farm building from the air and has vestiges of the original camouflage. Amy at Machu Picchu [.....]

3 January 2024

First Sustainable Play Area

2024-01-03T14:21:16+00:003 January 2024|

At ACD Environmental, we strive to build strong relationships with all our clients, including CALA Homes Chiltern. We have recently collaborated with them on a project in Aylesbury that consists of 120 residential units and a large open space. We have designed a play area inspired by Aylesbury’s history [.....]

16 October 2023

Jai’s Little Green Space

2023-10-16T13:14:47+01:0016 October 2023|

Since Jai left home to study Environmental Conservation at Bournemouth University, he has become even more fascinated by the environment. After being accepted at university he discovered that his college, although affiliated to Bournemouth University, was based in rural Somerset. Quickly he realised this wasn’t going to be [.....]

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