The ACD Garden at the Malmesbury office

April has been National Garden Month and here at ACD we’ve been reflecting on our own gardens and what makes these special to us.

  • ‘A place to de-stress.’
  • ‘I enjoy seeing the new growth in spring, seeing everything coming to life’.
  • ‘I love being creative and learning what grows well and works well together and enjoying the outcome of my experiment.’
  • ‘Growing fruit and vegetables for my family is a very simple but enjoyable activity’.

April is a great time to get out in the garden as the nights get lighter and the temperatures get warmer, we’re still waiting for that though aren’t we! We can see shoots sprouting, swathes of bulbs flowering and we can start preparing the soil for another growing season for the vegetables.

Look out in the coming months for ‘Garden Focus’, a look into our own staff gardens and what they mean to them.

Seedlings in Amy’s Garden

Blossom from a Cherry Tree in Amy’s garden

Helen’s Dog Holly enjoying the forget-me-nots