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It is a legal requirement that all native reptile species in the United Kingdom are protected. At ACD Environmental, we take this responsibility seriously and conduct thorough land surveys to identify the presence of reptiles. This information is essential for informing future decision-making by developers and developing appropriate mitigation strategies.
Recently, one of our ecologists, Charlene Watts, visited a site to inspect the reptile mats installed earlier as refugia. During the inspection, Charlene made a remarkable discovery, revealing the presence of two grass snakes and seven slow worms. Charlene was delighted to observe a beautiful grass snake basking in the sun and two lovely slow worms resting under a mat.
This discovery highlights the importance of preserving the habitats of native reptiles and safeguarding these species from any harm. At ACD Environmental, we remain fully committed to providing high-quality services that meet our client’s needs while prioritizing the protection and preservation of the natural world.