An image captured by our Archaeology department of WW2 pillboxes, a non-standard design protecting a river crossing and for a small field gun. It was clearly designed to look like a farm building from the air and has vestiges of the original camouflage.

Amy at Machu Picchu in Peru, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Helen and Husband Tony at the Acropolis in Greece, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Amy’s girls enjoying the Northumberland coastline with Dunstanburgh Castle in the background.

A picture of Jai and his family outside his ancestral home in Hong Kong, celebrating their heritage following the heritage trail that celebrates their family name ‘Tang’.

Today is World Heritage Day also known as The International Monuments and Sites Day. A day to celebrate and increase awareness of the importance of cultural heritage and the Ancient Monuments and buildings that are so important to us around the world. We all have a favourite heritage site, whether it’s because of its beauty, history or own personal experience which is why raising awareness of their protection is so important.

Here at ACD we strive to ensure we understand the importance and provide expert advice on the protection and education of these elements within the landscape. Our Archaeology department have a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to ensure Ancient Monuments, buildings, heritage and sites are protected for future generations.