“Trees are essential to the future of the planet.” – David Attenborough


Do you really know the true value of trees? We want to help spread the word about how amazing trees are from The Arboricultural Association, and how you can find more information relating to these facts through our previous blogs.


Human health benefits

Research suggests that the closer you can live to trees, the better off you are. One study of the East London Green Grid (a proposed network of interlinked, multi-purpose and high-quality open spaces) estimated that the establishment of 5.5% greenspace (a quarter of this provided by trees) across a single 10x10km square could avert two deaths and two hospital admissions per year.

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Trees are a vital food source globally. From apple cider to maple syrup, we’ve all experienced and enjoyed this benefit!

We have written a blog about factors of consideration when specifying fruit trees.

Pear tree


Flood defence

Did you know that trees can reduce the risk of flooding by up to 20%?

Read here about how landscape can help manage flood risk, including the creation of rain gardens.

Trees in flood


Reducing pollution

There is a vast amount of evidence which highlights the positive impact that trees have on air pollution. A global study finds that trees can help cool cities and reduce air pollution – for less money than high-tech answers.

In this blog, we explain the link between climate change and landscape architecture.

New trees


Other factors to the benefits of trees include:

  • Environment and habitat – Trees can provide habitats for birds, insects, and other wildlife. Did you know that one oak tree can provide a habitat and food for hundreds of species of insects, 30 types of bird, and over 300 species of lichen?
  • Property value – Trees can even increase the value of your property. A lot of research has been conducted in the US regarding the value that trees offer properties, with an average increase on property value by 20%. In the UK, we have key policies that often refer to the value trees have on property prices.
  • Asset value – The London iTree survey indicated that city’s urban forest comprises of 8,421,000 trees. The ecosystem services provided by these urban trees that were considered within the project were carbon capture, rainwater interception, the removal of air pollution, building energy savings and building energy carbon avoided, and these were valued at £132.7 million per year.
  • Urban and veteran trees – With the world’s urban populations rapidly increasing, it is more important than ever that trees are considered as a central part of planning and development in the cities of the future. It is also important that we protect our ancient woodland, ancient trees and veteran trees that are of exceptional cultural landscape or nature conservation value.

Bird on tree


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