Earlier this week ACD undertook a company-wide Carbon Literacy training day.

This event aimed to raise awareness of carbon emissions from our activities and the impact of those emissions affects our everyday activities – including running a business. We have all heard on the news recently that the UK Government has set targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the end of the decade and has legislated for net-zero emissions by 2050. These targets are ambitious but left us asking how are we supposed to meet those targets, both as individuals and as a business?

ACD Environmental turned to the Carbon Literacy Project and their training framework to facilitate our exploration of this challenge and guide us to devise our own appropriate response in the form of pledges to act. We were pleased to welcome lead trainer Dr. Helen Rodgers of DRH AMRE and co-facilitator Susanne Finlay-Bearblock of Sustainability Changemakers to deliver their training course material, accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project. Carbon Literacy outlines sources of emissions and pollutants and then explains how you can make reductions to greenhouse gas emissions both as individuals, communities, and businesses. Our staff found the course engaging, interesting, and well-structured and left the event feeling that they had a greater understanding of the climate emergency that we all find ourselves in, and increased ability and motivation to act on that understanding in a meaningful way. Above all we learned that it is not too late, we can slow climate change, regenerate ecosystems, protect sensitive landscapes, and offer a better future to the next generation.

ACD Environmental is currently updating its Sustainability Policy, and this will be informed by our enhanced knowledge and understanding, set in the context of our shared values, and implemented effectively through our reinvigorated motivation to act – in practice this means our Sustainability Policy will be set out with ambitious targets to reduce the company’s carbon footprint each year.

ACD Environmental looks forward to being the first environmental practice to receive the Carbon Literate Organisation Bronze level certification from the Carbon Literacy Project and we are committed to continuing this journey and achieving the silver award soon.

For more information on Carbon Literacy training please click the link below or contact Dr Helen Rodgers or Susanne Finlay-Bearblock.