Case Study

Farnham, Surrey

ACD Ecology was instructed to produce a badger mitigation strategy for a development site in Farnham.

The site contained a main breeding badger sett which was located within the footprint of the proposed housing development.

ACD undertook detailed monitoring surveys to assess the status of the badger sett. This information was used to develop the mitigation strategy, the information of which was used by the Local Authority at the planning stage. After planning obligations were met, ACD successfully secured a Natural England badger development licence. A new artificial badger sett was provided for the badgers. The sett was built in a safe, undisturbed location within the site.

ACD supervised careful excavation of the badger sett under Natural England licence. The works were timed sensitively to avoid the main badger breeding season. The mitigation works were planned carefully to allow the development to proceed without significant delays, whilst adhering to protected species and wildlife legislation.

CATEGORY: Arboriculture