Case Study

Mast Quay, Woolwich

Mast Quay, Woolwich is a location on the banks of the river Thames and has multiple ecological considerations covering a range of interesting species. These include aquatic invertebrates and bird species known in the area, in addition to bottlenose dolphin and both grey and harbour seals navigating past the site.

We at ACD Environmental collaborated between ecology and landscape to address conditions and design modern environmentally-led solutions, which includes multi-functional wildlife friendly terrestrial and aquatic provision. This comprises terraced roof gardens; a peregrine falcon nest box; green flood defence walls that utilise run-off from the pedestrian areas above for irrigation with niches suitable for nesting black redstart; a new intertidal zone with a range of opportunities for aquatic invertebrates; and soft landscaping. We were also able to equip the project with an interpretation board to provide the public with information regarding ecology at the site.

CATEGORY: Arboriculture