Dom Lambert

Graduate Ecologist


Dom joined ACD Environmental in March 2023 and has a bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Wildlife Conservation BSc (Hons) from Bournemouth University and a Masters in Island Biodiversity and Conservation from the University of Exeter, which focused on the bat populations amongst fragmented woodland habitats.

Dominic has vast experience in habitat creation and land management that has accumulated whilst working in other professional and voluntary work. During his time volunteering in Canada, Jersey and England he has been involved in a variety of work from, watershed management, habitat creation, tree planting, bat monitoring, education strategies, marine wildlife monitoring and establishing sustainable land management practices with local stakeholders.

Dominic is eager to develop his knowledge and passion further for both present and introduced mammals, whilst ensuring Britain’s vulnerable and sensitive ecosystems are accounted for. Dominic is a qualified IUCN Red List accessor and trained in UK habitat classifications, bat monitoring, butterfly and moth identification, reptile handling and a qualified member of CIEEM.

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