John Constable

Managing Director


John Constable was appointed as the Managing Director of ACD Environmental in December 2015 and his position reflects his experience working at ACD. John has worked for the practice for over twenty years and was previously appointed an Associate Director in 2000. Previously John ran his own domestic landscape design and build business n Gloucestershire.

John Constable graduated from Cheltenham and Gloucestershire College of Higher Education (now known as The University of Gloucestershire) in 1996 with a Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture and has been a Member of the Landscape Institute from 1991, becoming a Chartered Landscape Architect in 2003.

Under John’s leadership the practice has continued to grow and regional offices have opened under his directorship, including the Environmental Planning and Assessment office in Gloucestershire and our regional office in Cambridgeshire. ACD continues to offer multi-disciplinary services to our varied clients and strives to offer suitable solutions for a variety of projects throughout the UK.

John actively liaises with our clients and other consultants to maintain a positive and constructive working relationship with positive results. With the level of professional experience that John has working in private practice, he has extensive knowledge of the industry and continues to develop a practice that provide bespoke environmental solutions. John has been involved in over 6000 projects whilst working at ACD.

John has a keen interest in nature conservation and is actively engaged in a number of local wildlife sites and participates in data collection and analysis. He takes a keen role in conservation matters.

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