ACD have been very busy with invertebrate and botany surveys this summer and the weather has been great for them! We have found lots of interesting critters.


The most species we found in a single site visit was 213 on a grassland site in Oxford.  There were also nine nationally scarce/notable species discovered.  These included five beetle species, a fly, a ground bug, and a tree ant.  The mix of neutral grassland, bare ground, south facing tall ruderal banks and mature boundary habitats made this a fantastic mosaic to support a range of invertebrates.


At our site in Surrey we found several nationally scarce/notable species including a nationally scarce money spider and a local species of soldier fly, which has not been recorded in Surrey for over a decade!  There were lots of invertebrate species associated with the large veteran scattered trees on the site and the unimproved wildflower grassland resource.


Inverterate survey - long horn beetle

Long-horn beetle Rutpela maculata on orchid, found in Surrey


Our site in Berkshire also yielded a high number of species including the nationally scarce poppy weevil Stenocarus ruficornis, the six-belted clearwing Bembecia ichneumoniformis (which is an amazing moth that looks just like a wasp) and the woodland grasshopper Omocestus rufipes. Another very interesting site with a great mix of scrub, grassland, and decaying tree habitats.


Inverterate survey - six spot burnet

Six-spot burnet Zygaena filipendulae, found in Berkshire


The protected and beautiful cinnabar moth Tyria jacobaeae (section 41/NERC species) was also found at all our sites!


Inverterate survey - cinnabar moth caterpillar and red soldier beetle

Cinnabar moth caterpillars and common red soldier beetle Rhagonycha fulva


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