What is all the buzz about?Today (20th May) is World Bee Day! Yes, these insects are so important to our planet that they get their own special day! The aim of World Bee Day is to spread awareness of the importance of bees.

Did you know that a third of the world’s food production depends on bees? It is estimated that these special little insects pollinate around three quarters of our global crops and are considered a key species in maintaining the balance in the environment.

So, what can the construction industry do to help?

Well, we can start by planting bee-friendly plants throughout developments, these will provide a rich and varied food source throughout the year.

A section of sites could be left wild, with areas of longer grass to provide bees with somewhere to shelter.

Water features or attenuation areas can be included within the overall site design and designed in such a way that they hold water so that bees can use this water source to maintain their hydration.

Developments could use special ‘bee bricks’ which have cavities in which bees can live.

Do not use pesticides as these are harmful to bees but instead actively manage areas to avoid the need for chemical control.

And of course, you can do what we have done at our head office and you can create/ install a bee hotel. The one in the clip below was kindly donated to our wildlife garden by one of our landscape architects last year and it already has resident bees!