ACD has recently been working with Horndean, Old Windsor and Bramshott & Liphook parish councils to ensure that they meet their duty of care to users of their land from a tree perspective.

This included conducting health and safety tree surveys for parish councils, parks and cemeteries to ensure the trees are in a safe condition and not going to cause damage to persons and property.

ACD worked with Horndean parish council to produce a tree safety strategy, which broke the parish down into different areas depending on their usage.  This project has been running successfully for nine years with different areas being inspected each year on a cyclical basis.

In Bramshott & Liphook, ACD conducted a negative reporting survey picking up only the trees that needed work. This is the most cost-effective way of assessing large amounts of trees, as it saves recording every tree regardless of its condition.

Our arboricultural team are qualified tree inspectors with experience of conducting health and safety surveys over many years.

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