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6 June 2023

The problem with Oaks

2023-07-12T14:09:53+01:006 June 2023|

The problem with oak trees is that they are just too good! Oak trees are the largest native broadleaf tree in the country and undoubtedly provide the greatest level of ecological, arboricultural, and landscape value. Therefore, they are often the first tree we want to introduce into a new […..]

26 May 2023

Water Safety Course

2023-07-19T14:52:23+01:0026 May 2023|

Double click video for full screen view.

As part of our work as ecologists here at ACD Environmental, we are required on some sites to work in/close to water when surveying for particular species such as great crested newt, otter, and water vole and for surveying […..]

19 May 2023

World Bee Day 2023

2023-07-19T15:05:13+01:0019 May 2023|

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It’s that time of year again when we’re encouraged to leave our lawns to grow a little longer. Especially if you have a healthy population of wildflowers coming through such as dandelions, daisies, and buttercups, if you leave […..]

16 May 2023

Water Safety Course

2023-07-12T13:34:47+01:0016 May 2023|

As part of our work as ecologists here at ACD Environmental, we are required to work in/close to the water on some sites.

As such, some of our team recently completed a course related to water safety, specifically the DEFRA Level 2 Water & Flood First Responder course, which Bristol Maritime […..]

2 May 2023

No Mow May

2023-07-19T15:06:10+01:002 May 2023|

No Mow May asks all garden owners and green space managers to liberate their lawns to provide space for nature, just by sitting back and watching the flowers grow.

At ACD we are excited to support the essential shift in attitudes toward lawn management which benefits plants, pollinators, people, and […..]

2 February 2023

World Wetlands Day

2023-07-19T15:06:50+01:002 February 2023|

Our rain-drenched island offers the perfect conditions for wetland formation, an area saturated or flooded with water seasonally or permanently. Wetlands are a dynamic and significant part of a natural water cycle; an acre of wetland can typically store 4.5 million litres of water.

So far this winter we have […..]

25 January 2023

Consultant/Senior Ecologist Position Open

2023-04-17T18:03:11+01:0025 January 2023|

We are seeking a motivated and dynamic consultant or senior-level ecologist for our Godalming office.

The candidate should have a minimum of 2/3 years experience in ecological consultancy. Experience in the housing sector and Biodiversity Net Gain would be beneficial.

The candidate should have experience carrying out protected species surveys, including bats, […..]

10 January 2023

A reflection of COP 2022

2023-04-18T16:00:05+01:0010 January 2023|

So now that 2023 gains momentum we have been looking back and reflecting on the various ‘Conferences of the Parties’ or COPs that took place last year. The UN organised several in 2022 including COP12 to address biodiversity, COP27 to address climate change, and COP19 to address endangered species of […..]

30 September 2022

Beaver to become a European Protected Species in England

2023-07-19T15:08:21+01:0030 September 2022|

Beaver to become a European Protected Species in England
The beaver, specifically the Eurasian beaver Castor fiber, is a native species in Britain. However, beavers were sadly hunted to extinction in Britain in the 16th Century. In recent times, beavers have slowly made a comeback in the UK with various […..]

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