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Last week, ACD Environmental attended their first exhibition as exhibitors at the Farm Business Innovation Show at the NEC, Birmingham. We were there to expand our services further to the rural and agricultural sectors, providing information on landscape architecture, arboriculture, ecology and archaeology. It was great to be able to talk to ... Read More
15th November 2021ACD Environmental



Wildlife Corridors

Wildlife corridors are an essential part of our green infrastructure to connect individual habitats, providing a safe passage for wildlife to move freely, without threat from predators or human intervention. Wildlife corridors can come in all shapes and sizes, so any form of habitat connection can help! It is important to ... Read More
22nd September 2021ACD Environmental



Farm Business Innovation Show

We are delighted to let you know that ACD Environmental will be exhibiting at the Farm Business Innovation Show on the 10th & 11th November 2021, at the NEC, Birmingham on stand 1031. Register today for your FREE ticket via the event website here The show is the ultimate event for ... Read More
13th September 2021ACD Environmental



Toxic Plants

There are many plants that we can find in our gardens and woodlands that may contain a degree of toxicity, but do you know which ones they are? It is very uncommon in the UK to gain serious poisoning by plants, but it is good to be aware of those that ... Read More
31st August 2021ACD Environmental



National Allotment Week

Did you know that this week is National Allotment Week 9th-15th August?   Wouldn’t it be nice if each city, town, and village, had enough allotments for everyone who wants one within walking distance of their own home? Having an allotment does not only provide people with space to grow vegetables but ... Read More
10th August 2021ACD Environmental


Many of our clients ask us about the requirement for 10% Biodiversity Net Gain, where did this requirement come from, does this standard currently apply, and more importantly does it apply to their development sites? The requirement for 10% Biodiversity Net Gain has gained momentum under the new Environment Act, which ... Read More
2nd August 2021ACD Environmental


The revised version of the NPPF makes for interesting reading especially if you are a designer and actively trying to create beautiful and sustainable environments in which people live. The latest version now includes the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development as set out by the UN. Social objectives have ... Read More
28th July 2021ACD Environmental



SANG Design

In this blog we are going to explain what a SANG is, why we have them, and how we design one.   What is a SANG and why do we need them? A Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) is the name given to a greenspace that is of a quality and type suitable ... Read More
23rd July 2021ACD Environmental



What a tree-t!

“Trees are essential to the future of the planet.” – David Attenborough   Do you really know the true value of trees? We want to help spread the word about how amazing trees are from The Arboricultural Association, and how you can find more information relating to these facts through our previous ... Read More
29th June 2021ACD Environmental


Over recent years, the earth’s average temperature has increased, resulting in sea levels rising and wildfires spreading globally. Both of which have had a major impact on our eco systems, animal habitats, and people’s livelihoods and communities. Although this may not have affected you personally, in years to come we ... Read More
4th June 2021ACD Environmental