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A new lawn may look attractive but it will not stay this way without some love and attention.   It takes time for a new lawn to establish, so within the first year of ownership heavy use is to be avoided as the grass needs to establish a robust root system.   Spring and ... Read More
3rd May 2018ACD Environmental



Designing to a Budget

ACD provides a cost assurance service within our standard fixed fee, which provides for a review of tendered prices if they are received over-budget. The principle reasons for higher than expected costs are the requirement for multi-phase installations, where mobilisation costs become high, or unseasonal planting, where all stock is ... Read More
7th March 2018ACD Environmental


On 27th November 2017 Natural England and the Forestry Commission updated their Standing Advice on Ancient Woodland and Veteran Trees, which will potentially have a major impact on our use of the buffer zones for engineering features and recreational uses, particularly SuDS features.   More worryingly, where ‘pollution’ (for example run-off during ... Read More
4th January 2018ACD Environmental


Legislation It is an offence to cause or allow Japanese knotweed to spread in the wild under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 section 114 (2) (WCA 1981), as it is one of the plants listed in the schedule. All waste containing Japanese knotweed comes under the control of Part II ... Read More
24th August 2017ACD Environmental



Tick Season!

Tick Season – Beware! One of the ACD staff returned from field survey work recently, to find that he had five ticks on him, and was naturally worried, so he was recommended to see his doctor and we have since reviewed and updated our Health and Safety Policy as a result. Lyme ... Read More
11th August 2017ACD Environmental



Tree Pits

In 2015 we blogged about the cost of tree planting with cellular pits in hard landscape, and advised that the cost of a large high water demand tree, such as an oak, could be well over £10,000. Even the smallest tree can cost ... Read More
18th April 2017ACD Environmental



Continued Professional Success

ACD are pleased to announce that both Anne Dally and Jon Seymour have successfully passed their Professional Practice Pathway to Chartership exams and are now fully chartered members.
6th December 2016ACD Environmental


ACD carries out audits of many completed landscape installations and there is a problem evident on many sites, where topsoil to rear gardens is often deficient or on poorly prepared subsoil.
6th November 2016ACD Environmental



Chalara Die Back of Ash

It has come to our attention that historic approved Landscape plans are still in circulation specifying Ash trees. Since November 2012 we have not specified Ash.
6th November 2016ACD Environmental