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ACD Environmental is proud to announce that we are now a Registered Practice with the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM).   CIEEM is the primary professional membership body representing ecologists and environmental managers in the UK.   According to CIEEM, Registered Practices are:   “…champions of high professional standards and the delivery of ... Read More
8th January 2020ACD Environmental



A barbestelle bat encounter!

On 4th July, ACD undertook a preliminary roost inspection of a barn in Highworth, Swindon. The barn had lots of potential features for roosting bats, with a stone wall containing many holes and crevices which bats could use as summer roosts and also possibly for hibernation. An endoscope was used on ... Read More
10th September 2019ACD Environmental


In June 2019, ACD Environmental’s Director of Ecology Daniel Wood spent a fascinating 3 days working with Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) Badger Research Project.   WildCRU’s badger project began in 1987, building on earlier data stretching back to the early 1970s. Focused on badgers living at Wytham Woods, Oxfordshire, ... Read More
26th July 2019ACD Environmental


The spring is the fastest growth period for Japanese knotweed and it can spread very quickly. Look out for red/purple new shoots emerging from the ground, similar to asparagus spears. At this stage the leaves will be rolled up around the shoot and may be red or burnt green in ... Read More
16th May 2019ACD Environmental



Bat Survey Season

With the bat survey season well underway, contact one of our experienced ecologists today to book in your surveys. Remember, the bat survey season runs from May to September so don’t miss out! Contact our ecologists for more information.  
10th July 2018ACD Environmental



Ecology in Eastleigh

ACD Environmental are pleased to announce that we have an new ecology team based out of our Eastleigh office in addition to our team in the Malmesbury office. We provide a wide range of ecological services to support planning applications, including protected species and habitat surveys and the relevant reporting. Our ... Read More
20th June 2018ACD Environmental


The team at ACD Environmental are pleased to announce the recent opening of our new office in Cambourne, Cambridgeshire! The Cambourne office, headed by Dan Mottram (Regional Manager – East Anglia), has been established to support and enhance the service ACD Environmental provides to existing clients in the East Anglia ... Read More
30th May 2018ACD Environmental



Winter Surveys

Winter is upon us and some species of wildlife have started to hibernate. However, you could be mistaken into thinking that you have to wait until springtime to start ecological surveys. Depending on the type of site, there are many different types of survey that can be carried out in winter.   Phase 1 ... Read More
4th December 2017ACD Environmental



Nesting Season is Over

All wild bird species, their eggs and nests are protected by law under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981. You must avoid harming birds or to use measures which do not kill or injure them before considering taking harmful action. If vegetation is removed during the main bird nesting season (March-August ... Read More
1st September 2017ACD Environmental


Legislation It is an offence to cause or allow Japanese knotweed to spread in the wild under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 section 114 (2) (WCA 1981), as it is one of the plants listed in the schedule. All waste containing Japanese knotweed comes under the control of Part II ... Read More
24th August 2017ACD Environmental